Dance Artist

Performer - Teacher - Choreographer


began her training at the Vlaamse Dansacademie in Brügge, Belgium where she studied classical ballet and modern. Because of her desire to be an artist of character and versatility, she sought out supplementary training in Hip-Hop, Modern/Contemporary and in various styles of Jazz. To stay abreast with the newest trends in dance, she regularly attended dance workshops and master classes at home and abroad. 


Since 2013, Angelica has taken extended trips to New York City to train with renowned instructros in Jazz, Contemporary and Modern (Horton based). Instructors with whom she has trained include, Joley Maffei, Mike Esperanza etc... Angelica´s work under these exceptional artist have aided her in her own choreographic and pedagogic practices. Her passion and love for dance has served as source of inspiration for dancers of al levels. 


Angelica Di Sannio teaches courses in Jazz-Fusion, Lyrical, Horton based Modern/Contemp., Street Jazz and body conditioning. She aspires to broaden her vision as a dancer, choreographer and teacher by cultivating artists of today´s generation. As an advocate of dance, Angelica strives to educate young artist through workshops and master classes both domestically and internationally.



Angi´s motto:   "Never stop moving and growing. Be open to new aproaches, get inspired and inspire,

                      act with respect, keep your joy, your passion and your laughter."




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